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Hip Hop
Hip Hop

#HipHop / Hip Hop #Streetdance Einsteiger für Teenager

My hip hop class is Commercial LA style, but still with old school grooves. Every single class begin with warm up focusing on rythm and flexibility + combo. I teach dancers to feel music and understand rythm as best they can, chill but still control their bodies. I try bring to the class everything what I learned around a world. I want my students be better than me one day, thats the point of teaching. I don’t wanna see how my students dance I wanna feel what they are dancing.


Start: 28.10.2021
Zeit: Do/18:35 Uhr
Dauer: 7 x 55min
Preis: 140.00
Termine anzeigen 28.10.2021 |  18:35
04.11.2021 |  18:35
11.11.2021 |  18:35
18.11.2021 |  18:35
25.11.2021 |  18:35
02.12.2021 |  18:35
09.12.2021 |  18:35
Kursnr.: 21-4Q-418-WL-B2-H
Tanzstil: Hip Hop /Streetdance
Alter: Teenager
Niveau: Einsteiger
Standort: 1.OG Styleroom
LORDZ DANCE ACADEMY Rapperswilerstrasse 4 8620 Wetzikon
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